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We can explain the services we offer, but what matters most is how satisfied our families are...

Community Love

"Johanna is so amazing! We started with having her work with our 2 year old son 1:1 and our family has learned so much from her. She’s a huge resource for us. Recently we’ve joined her toddler speech playgroup. It’s so fun and well organized. She always has a strategy of the week that encourages speech. She explains it and models it with the kids and it makes it so helpful to then incorporate it later at home. The strategies really work too! The classes incorporate hands on motivating activities, music and dance and she keeps it moving in such a way that the kids are excited to see what she brings out next. If you are at all worried about your toddlers speech delay or just want a head start on speech, you must try her playgroup!"


Parent of 2 year old

Private therapy client

"Johanna is a phenomenal resource and skillful therapist to all parents/children in need of speech therapy. I enrolled my son (20 mo.) in her 4 week program because he was having a lot of screaming fits out of frustration because he was not talking yet. Not only did I see a huge difference in his ability to communicate more affectively with words, but I also realized how I interact/respond is equally important for his language development. I did not realize how many bad habits (talking for him, talking too fast etc) were contributing to his delay. Johanna structures her class with a lot of play-based actives that involve both child and parents. She is great with kids and caters her expertise to meet each family and their specific needs! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested!"


Parent of 20 month old

Playing with Words client

"I cannot say enough positive things about Johanna and her speech playgroup. I was slightly concerned about my 2 year old son’s speech when I found her facebook post advertising a speech playgroup.  I signed up not knowing what to expect and was blown away after the first session.


Being a teacher myself, I appreciate Johanna’s style.  She teaches the group with patience and positivity.  Her organization and planning allow the hour to run smoothly and feel very fast.  She is able to adapt to what the group needs, and changes the activity if she sees that the students are disengaging.


My son, who barely spoke before the first class, began talking more almost immediately.  Each of her classes has a strategy focus and word of the week.  Throughout the class, she works with each child individually and models for the parents how to best help their child.  My son loves the songs, books and activities that Johanna plans for all the students.  He sees the entire class as play time and I love seeing him using his speech!  While he is still delayed, everyone keeps telling me how much improvement they have seen in him in such a short time.


I highly recommend Johanna’s group to anyone who is even slightly concerned about their child’s speech."


Parent of 2 year old

Playing with Words client


Parent of 22 month old

Playing with Words client

"My daughter Maggie (22 months) and I attended one of Johanna’s classes in the summer of 2019. Johanna definitely has her teacher hat on when developing her lessons; creating opportunities for social play, natural conversation, and lots of movement- getting all the kids engaged. The lessons are practical and are easy to incorporate throughout our daily routine. I now feel more confident in supporting my daughter’s language growth. Johanna’s patience and kind demeanor created a safe space with no judgement, only encouragement.

Thank you, Johanna!"

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