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Early Communicator

Sign Language


Currently being offered in person at The Circle Family Center

3 months-4 years

Your baby has something to say!

Help teach your child to communicate before they are able to speak! The early communicator sign language workshop is designed to provide parents with the information they need to introduce and implement baby and toddler signs to their child. 

What to Expect

  • Gain an understanding of how language develops from infancy and how and when to teach baby sign language to your child   

  • Weekly lessons, broken down into a different daily routines: meal time, family time, bath time, dressing/diaper changes, play time and outside time.  Lessons include: focused teaching, age appropriate songs and book activities 

  • Learn 18 new signs every week that are introduced through stories, books and daily activities! You will be introduced to over 100 functional signs by the end of the 6 weeks.

  • Handouts including: photos of the signs, a weekly language strategy, songs to sign and a detailed handout of how to use each sign throughout your day. 

Scheduling & Tuition

  • Groups are currently taking place via weekly online meetings: Classes are recorded and available if a class is missed

  • $135 tuition includes 6 weekly- 60 minute classes, Beginning November 4


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