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Preschooler Group

2-4 years

Playing with Words

This group is designed to help your child take a more active role in class by answering questions, following complex directions, and engaging in social interactions.

What to Expect

  • Learn more complex weekly language strategies that are imbedded into playful and engaging activities including; music, movement, story time, and free play

  • Expanding on their play skills, knowledge of language functions, and milestones while having fun!

  • You (parent/caregiver) will receive weekly handouts detailing how, why, and when to use the weekly strategy, as well as sentences containing the word of the week, that can be used during daily activities such as; dressing, bath time, and meal time

Scheduling & Tuition

  • Groups are kept small, typically 3-6 children, to ensure individualized attention and instruction

  • Tuition includes 4 weekly classes, please contact us for exact dates

  • 4 week cycle $160

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