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Happy Baby

Infant Group

0-12 months

Now being offered virtually!

Playing with Words

This group is designed to help provide you, the parent/caregiver, with the tools to increase your children’s early social interaction skills, the most important building block for future communication development.  

What to Expect

  • Exposure to age appropriate songs, simple social activities and games, using items you already have around your home and information on implementing language throughout your daily routines

  • Increase your understanding of how language develops from infancy, what to expect as your child grows, and how you can support your child’s understanding and use of language 

  • Information on important communication milestones and if/when you may need to seek out additional help for your child

Scheduling & Tuition

  • Groups will be between 3 -10 infants to ensure individualized attention, minimal distractions, and avoid overstimulation

  • Tuition includes 8 weekly, 60 minute classes, please contact us for exact dates

  • 8 week cycle $130

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