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1:1 Speech Therapy (virtual)

If you are the least bit concerned about your child's speech and language development, I would be honored to connect with you and see how I can help.

What to Expect

Our private speech therapy sessions are completely individualized and typically take place in your home so your child is comfortable, secure, and ready to engage. Each child develops in a different way and on a different timeline so each child's therapy session will be customized to fit their needs, as well as their parent's/caregiver's goals.

*Currently being offered virtually 

Parent Involvement

While the therapy is designed for your child, parent participation is encouraged, whether through observation or direct interaction.  Parent education will ensure that the strategies and methods the speech-language pathologist demonstrates are used throughout a families day, when a therapy session is not taking place.  


$65/  30 minute session

$125/ 50 minute session

* Extra fees may be added if location is outside of 10 mile radius from Aptos

* I am currently not accepting any medical insurance payments 

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